Bali Breakfast Club

There’s always room for breakfasts and brunches in Bali. On Sunday morning, I went to a place called ‘Kelly’s Warung’ where they sell healthy and low-calorie dishes.It was located in Bingin Beach, one of the farthest and most hidden places in Uluwatu, Bali.

From Pitaya Bowls to Hummus and Tempeh Wraps, all was delightfully fulfilling to me. I was about to order Pitaya Bowl for my brunch, unfortunately I didn’t get to try their well-known entree back then(sighs). However, I ordered the Bowl of Muesli which was mounted with slices of ripe and sweet banana, topped with low-fat Greek Yoghurt, perfection. I thought It would be too heavy for a brunch, but it isn’t! It tastes so delicately, yet fresh, and creamy but not too creamy (because of the Greek Yoghurt), ultimately guilt-free!

After finishing my main course, I ordered a smoothie which consists of: several strips of mint leaves, sliced mangoes, some cut up bananas, all mixed up with low-fat almond milk. It was unbelievably delicious, the little hint of mint sips through the entire smoothie so mildly, the bananas act like a sweetener in this drink, no sugar added.

Bowl of Muesli:

In addition to my brunch experience, I got to enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean while munching on my Muesli 😀

Brunching on the beach was definitely one of the most marvelous things I’ve ever done in the Island of Jewels! I will definitely come back to this place If I have the chance. For those of you who live near Bingin Beach, or you’re craving for a good, healthy brunch with a view, you MUST come to this place. The price ranges from $2-$8 (20k – 80k IDR) for both food and beverages. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any guilt in paying the bills hahaha!