What We Know and How We Perceive Reality

Very interesting and thoughtful topic regarding Christianity and mere religion 👏

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There are many that believe perception is reality, but is that true? Mystics, theologians, and philosophers have contemplated how we perceive and understand reality for centuries. There has been this ongoing consensus that what we perceive to be reality is, in fact, not reality at all. The film The Matrix explores the concept of reality as it symbolically illustrates that what we perceive to be reality is, in fact, an illusion potentially created by other beings. In The Allegory of the Cave from Plato’s The Republic, this same topic is addressed with imagery of chained men in a cave with their perception controlled by others who manipulate shadows like puppets. Rene Decartes’ Meditation of First Philosophy from Meditation I of The Things of Which We May Doubt expresses his perception changing over time as he realized that everything he believed was nothing more than an impression…

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