Same Love?


America declared the right of same-sex marriage in all states. This news came up on my live feeds which was very disheartening to me. This right became available after such parades established by the gays, bisexuals and lesbians upon the American streets. The president of the United States of America Barack Obama said:

“I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

It was quoted while Obama was running in 1996 for Illinois state Senate, in a written response to a questionnaire from Chicago’s Outlines gay newspaper.  Obama was pushed mentally by these rebellious group of people to legalize same-sex marriage in America. He should’ve thought twice prior to regaining power in restoring human rights in America. He didn’t think thoroughly about how the Pastors should deal with this kind of situation, and how they should give their faith up by giving blessings to male and male marriage.

Besides that,  there were ome scientific factors that goes hand and hand against same-sex marriage, the condition of the children. Children need both the figure and presence of Father and Mother. If both Father and Mother came from the same gender, they wouldn’t recognize which one is which. Male and female have very different things in common when it comes to real life experiences. Both were humans, but they both gained different skills and procedures. Males tend to do things faster and with ease meanwhile females tend to do things gingerly, wholeheartedly, vividly and perfectly (even females are prone to the characteristic of perfectionist when it comes to soft skill tasks). As what I had said above, children do need both soft and hard skills when they grew up as a man and woman. People only think about love and how someone should appreciate whom they love, whether it is a male or female, without thinking what’s coming up in the future, and what would most probably happened with the children.

Homosexual couples uses In vitro fertilization (IVF) by borrowing egg cells from mothers to create a class of children who would live apart from differentiating their Father or Mother (penetrating sexual living cells outside the body). This method however, had been invented since 1981 in the U.S. People with such syndromes had been trying to found this malevolent way of having children without abandoning the misconception of Love.

Speaking of love, these people have ultimately misunderstood about the concept of love and the differences between lust.

Love is not just a simple interdependence between two partners, it was designed by the nature that male should reunite with female and reproduce children that would fill up the entire planet. By establishing the term ‘same love’, they actually had been preventing the natural ways of how human being lives creating fake and manipulative sense of how love should work.

What God said about marriage:

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. – Leviticus 18:22 

God’s been tainting me with how love works in this very second. He told me that the bond between man and woman is irreplaceable (indirectly). I know that I’ve been questioning about this same love thingy over and over again before. But His words enlightened me and it opened my eyes widely to see the real truth behind all these malicious lies. He showed up in His words that marriage is Holy in the eyes of the Lord, and we as Christians should rely on this foundation of living in the sea of truths. We now should stand up for what is right regarding all this same love and philosophical practices among our world right now. As Christians, we must stay on the right track, which is the word of God, claiming ourselves to the light of Heaven so that we will be safe in His hands eternally.


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Bali has become one of the most visited island by most foreigners outside Indonesia. This can be one of the impressions when it comes to the name of our country. 3,27 million foreigners in estimation, visited Bali in 2013. Statistics said that over 300k foreigners came to Bali every month in 2015. Can you imagine how popular this island became to the world? It indeed is undoubtedly popular.

I planned a trip years ago with my best friends to sojourn Bali for a week, and it is finally executed this year. We were discussing about where we were headed, how’s the budget, where to stay, and so on. I offered them to stay in my house for the whole week as the replacement of hotel in Bali, it was more reliable and much cheaper than to stay for a week in a hotel. But they rejected my offering considering there’s my dad inhabiting the house that they feel unwelcoming because they didn’t know my dad, and vice versa. Therefore, they booked a hotel near the airport in Kuta called, H Sovereign Hotel. Twas a chic hotel styled in the middle of Kuta, cheap, narrow to every places possible, good choice HAHAHA.

We then booked a ticket with some kind of hassle, because of the price ranges! So, we decided to choose a flight which was pretty late that our arrival was at 11pm Bali timezone. We set up the meeting place in the airport but no one shows up in our group chat telling where they were at that time (this is funny I’m serious). FINALLY, we gathered up together grabbing some meals for our pre-flight dinner, talking about how’s life going, what was the updates we have not been told (pretty much gossiping I’m not gonna lie). It is now the time to flew to Ngurah Rai (which was the name of the International airport in Bali), got picked up by a driver, were dropped off to the places we were supposed to stay.

In Bali, our itineraries were pretty much sucks, but at least we’ve got some fun times bonding together after such long long time! We went to several hip places such as Motel Mexicola, Karma Kandara, Finn’s Beach Club, you name it (if you’re a Balinese please do suggest in below places we should visit for the next upcoming trip). I kept in my mind this one place called Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika as a highlight of our trip to Bali this year. This restaurant can be procured as a restaurant with the spiciest, most tastiest (yes I put most I know) food ever. It has a variety of food that pleases your taste buds, and specifically the spiciest sambal in which it was made as a compliment to the rice dish by Ibu Andika. If any of you were planning to come to Bali anytime soon, you MUST try the rice dish in this place, it was DELICIOUS.

Here’s a pic of the rice dish at Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika:

The legendary rice dish in Bali!

Despite all of these fun stuffs, I know that I can do nothing without God who guide me throughout this trip from start to the end. I was assured by His grace that I was safe and sound while doing my summer trip to Bali this year. Therefore, I thank Him for every second that He had paid for me to keep me safe from harassing moments, capturing His creation in the midst of an unrelenting tongue-twisted week. All glory to God the one and only Lord of all lords.



This year’s challenges were pretty tough to me. It has been a very furious and rip-roaring year for me to overcome. It ain’t over yet, well at least until I can acquire one chair for my higher education level. I went through so many hard times when it comes to fulfilling my desire in getting to a good university. My parents and I started to altercate about registering me into some bimbel, possibly the best one available in Jakarta. But of course, I was upset by that time when they suffocate this way of thinking. As time goes by, I went more and more interested in having someone taught me subjects that I’ve never studied before (well some of it).

So there it goes the enrollment, was objected in Inten, I was considered as the ‘smart ones’ amongst my competitors, pretty remarkable isn’t it? The bimbel started on August 5th, where I got nothing except my pride HAHA. I know not a single person in my class, except my friend from my old school, Aya. We both struggle together for the first 2 weeks, then continue on joyfully with our new friends until the D-day came in sight. The test was called ‘SBMPTN’ designed to selectively obtain students to get into the best university with their desired faculties. Admittedly, I failed to gain the jewel from this test. Although I know, I have done my best (maybe not that best) but I believe God has planned beautiful things ahead of me. Immediately after the national announcement were being commenced, I started to apply various universities in Singapore and Malaysia, because they were the ones I aim the most for my future, and also that they were two countries with the most developing situation happened right now globally. That might work as an opportunity for me to grab in, so that my desire in studying abroad and in a higher level, will be acquired!

I believe that by some of my actions, God put His unrelenting hands upon what I’ve done, what I’ve been through, and what I’ve experienced through this nerve-breaking life. Now, because of those factors, I rely more on God’s scenario in shaping my future, while I do the rest to accomplish it.