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Stepping Up the Standard

How does it feel to be standardized by others? Forceful and atrocious isn’t it? Yep, that’s what I feel these past few months since the first time I stepped my feet in Depok. University is a place where people were battling against what aspect in life should they pursue to make its future brighter than ever. It’s not easy specially for students who were accepted through the non-test procedure offered by the University. They will have a very hard transition in doing homework, clinging with the lecturers, and most of them will occur depression in finding social mates that is perfect for them. But, some of these students have high hopes in studying in such different format and ambience because they’re the ones who were introvert in interacting with people, and pretty well-known when the others saw ’em for the first time. This might be an issue to me (not talking about how I interact with people) when I raised my standard to compete in the journey of getting a Bachelor Degree.

First of all, I have no idea that I must take extravagant miles to muddle through the rocks placed in college. One of them is what Indonesians will mostly call “Ospek”. This “Ospek” is literally killing me slowly. Newcomers were pushed to its limit by completing each tasks given by the seniors in a very short gap of time. Even though, they said that it is a must for us to do it for the sake of showing them how “together” are we as a newcomers in this faculty. But I think it is somehow unnecessary for us to do such tasks because at the end of the day, we will be completing each other as time goes by where we as individuals need people surrounding us for some kind of special help. However, this phase of living as a college student learns a thing to me. Raising your standard is the key, the only key to sucessfully pass the test.

People doesn’t take that extra step because they think it’s useless for some reasons. They might think that by not raising their standards in life helps him to be more versatile as if they’re so called “unique”. In this matter though, we must know ourselves and how we must survive this world. Students mock each other, teens slits their hands because of bullying problems, adults perform suicidal phenomenons, you name it. Have you been asking yourselves lately on how are we supposed to do to survive ourselves from these catastrophic moments?

Well, as a Christian we truly have to rely on the Bible. God’s words heal, and God’s word provide answers.

Isaiah 59:19 “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

I know that God will provide me everything I need in life, such as this one. His strength is inevitably irresistible. What Isaiah had said is too true for me. “The Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” caught my attention as I was reading it through. This is where the sign of people gets confused of how God works in their lives. God will give you Its strength if you believe in Him, and you should believe in Him in order for God to really penetrates through your life. Raising your standard this way will give us such blessings that other people might not have. He will give you the full guidance of how to face problems, dealing with people, and most of all, surviving this world. But, He will only give it to the person who have brought his life to the hands of God, because that’s the only way God can connect with us, the fallen human beings.

This verse really comforts me to the very end. No matter how people judge you, no matter how they dislike you in various ways, but if God had raised your standards, I believe that we will pass the test with a perfect score.


Immenseful Consecration

Came back to my writing session while spending my free time before something seriously hectic approaches me.

This writing was published regarding my decision in pouring out my feelings about getting the greatest blessing and acceptance in life. 

 I wanted to share my once in a lifetime experience. After waiting for the longest period of time in my life, my greatest achievement has finally been completed and achieved. Here is why:

Screenshot (2)

Yes, I was accepted in one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. I am currently a prospective student in University of Indonesia, majoring in Faculty of Computer Science. Finally, my dream come truer than ever. Believe it or not, I had readily endowed myself for the upcoming entrance tests in other universities available. I traveled through Bali, Jogja and finally Malang, where the journey ended.

When I first hop on my computer to check the announcement, I am very certain in thinking that I won’t make it again this time. As soon as I typed my test number, the word ‘congratulation’ felicitated me. I am pretty much exhilarated and in awe when it congratulates me.

I called my mom and my friends immediately after the commencement being apprized. One of my best friends wasn’t so sure until she checked it by herself. She was in pure shock after what she had seen on her computer screen. Everyone congratulated me that FINALLY I am accepted at the university my heart had been wanting since day one. All my hard works had been paid off at that time.

I did enjoy getting appraisals from people I loved, but mostly, I enjoyed God’s work in my life. This is one of His many beautiful works He has done.

God has been so cautious to me since I was put in the situation where my heart was unsteady. I always pray ever since I was challenged to lock horns against my rivals. I thought that I wouldn’t make it. But I believe, that everything is certain when God intervened through it. I believe that God could do anything exceptionally inconceivable when we put our trust in Him. This is why I am trying to seek Him even more as time passed by. Our future was certainly set by us, but God has something that could amp it up to look even more wonderful in our eyes, and in His eyes.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10


You badass motherfurniture: 11 rare mothertrumping words

Practical hilarious intermezzo prior to all the serious stuff goin’ on my WordPress timeline. #justwhatineed 😂👌

Strong Language

Motherfucker—the Samuel L. Jackson of words—is one of the most visceral and satisfying terms in English. It’s pretty much a mother joke in crystalline form and is quite handy when dealing with the kind of motherfuckers you can find anywhere and everywhere on this motherfucking planet.

As with all things fuck-related, Jesse Sheidlower’s The F-Word records variations and euphemisms for motherfucker, such as mammy-dodger, mammy-jammer, maw-dicker, mo dicker, mofo, motherfather, motherfouler, mothergrabber, motherhumper, motherjumper, motherlover, mother-raper, motor cycle, motor flicker, motor scooter, and muh fuh. But even this great collection isn’t complete. Folks like you, me, and deranged lunatics on Twitter keep coining additional variations every day—either to keep it clean or make it creative.

Here are 11 euphemisms for motherfucker from Twitter—still the best Petri dish for unselfconscious, raw language. None of these words are likely to ever make the Oxford English Dictionary, but they are still…

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Bossy Lunch

This afternoon, I decided to go pretty far to eat some lunch. I then thought about my cravings for a good, juicy burger last night. Therefore, I went to the Northern part of Kuta, flipping some mind, running into some badass burger shop. It’s called Bo$$ Man Burger (yes, S using the dollar signs).The bar was located in Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 8B, Seminyak, Bali (precisely located besides Sisterfields)

I found this place on Instagram and instantly thrilled to give it a try! I ordered the Gangster burger and some fries as the side dish. But there were of course some other kick-ass burgers to choose from, and some flippin’ good fries to accompany with.

The Gangster Burger


The fries


At first, I thought the burger will be heavily topped with mayo and sauces, too much going on with the burger but I tell you what, It was DELICIOUS! The buns were perfectly toasted, the patty was seasoned and char-grilled to perfection, the mayo is not overpowering, the cheese is melted to the most silky and smooth texture, the lettuce and tomatoes are fresh what more could you ask for? The fries and the chilli sauce here are the superstars of this shop. Fries were fried to excellence, seasoned just right, salty but not so salty that you can’t even enjoy it. The chilli sauce tastes pretty much identical to what all Indonesians would get in a restaurant, sambal! Brilliant isn’t it? The fresh and somewhat garlic-y aftertaste of the sambal and the mild hotness combined together is like a match-made in food heaven!

It’s truly the most wonderful dining experience when it comes to burger. I hope that this shop stays in the longest possible days and seasons, but most of all, consistent. They HAVE TO maintain their consistency in order for them to acquire more costumers, making them even more popular not just on Instagram, but all over Bali. Although, truthfully saying, you have to pay the bill that probably would be the pain in the ass for some people. I, atleast spent 100k+($10++) already on both the burger and fries (no drink), but it was worth the taste and wait.

The spot where they actually made the rockin’ entrees

image2The ‘BO$$’ sign formed with some fluorescent lamps



Bali Breakfast Club

There’s always room for breakfasts and brunches in Bali. On Sunday morning, I went to a place called ‘Kelly’s Warung’ where they sell healthy and low-calorie dishes.It was located in Bingin Beach, one of the farthest and most hidden places in Uluwatu, Bali.

From Pitaya Bowls to Hummus and Tempeh Wraps, all was delightfully fulfilling to me. I was about to order Pitaya Bowl for my brunch, unfortunately I didn’t get to try their well-known entree back then(sighs). However, I ordered the Bowl of Muesli which was mounted with slices of ripe and sweet banana, topped with low-fat Greek Yoghurt, perfection. I thought It would be too heavy for a brunch, but it isn’t! It tastes so delicately, yet fresh, and creamy but not too creamy (because of the Greek Yoghurt), ultimately guilt-free!

After finishing my main course, I ordered a smoothie which consists of: several strips of mint leaves, sliced mangoes, some cut up bananas, all mixed up with low-fat almond milk. It was unbelievably delicious, the little hint of mint sips through the entire smoothie so mildly, the bananas act like a sweetener in this drink, no sugar added.

Bowl of Muesli:

In addition to my brunch experience, I got to enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean while munching on my Muesli 😀

Brunching on the beach was definitely one of the most marvelous things I’ve ever done in the Island of Jewels! I will definitely come back to this place If I have the chance. For those of you who live near Bingin Beach, or you’re craving for a good, healthy brunch with a view, you MUST come to this place. The price ranges from $2-$8 (20k – 80k IDR) for both food and beverages. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any guilt in paying the bills hahaha!


What We Know and How We Perceive Reality

Very interesting and thoughtful topic regarding Christianity and mere religion 👏

THE DEMAGOGUE - Blog and Podcast

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There are many that believe perception is reality, but is that true? Mystics, theologians, and philosophers have contemplated how we perceive and understand reality for centuries. There has been this ongoing consensus that what we perceive to be reality is, in fact, not reality at all. The film The Matrix explores the concept of reality as it symbolically illustrates that what we perceive to be reality is, in fact, an illusion potentially created by other beings. In The Allegory of the Cave from Plato’s The Republic, this same topic is addressed with imagery of chained men in a cave with their perception controlled by others who manipulate shadows like puppets. Rene Decartes’ Meditation of First Philosophy from Meditation I of The Things of Which We May Doubt expresses his perception changing over time as he realized that everything he believed was nothing more than an impression…

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